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About us

Landschaft Stroy is an experienced company in trees cutting and maintenance in urban environment. We are qualified to remove large trees from tiny areas with impossible access for mechanization.

The company CEO, engineer Vladimir Atanasov, is a licensed arborist and tree grower at a global and European level certified in Moscow.
You can check his certificate on http://www.eac-arboriculture.com/certified-european-tree-workers.aspx, by choosing for Country  Bulgaria.

The professional arborist is qualified, prepared and trained exactly and completely in tree care and control on the trees in urban territories.
Our certificates grants us for working on protected (very old) trees.


Arborist services certificate (image)
Arborist services certificate (image)
Arborist services certificate (image)

We suggest to always check the competency of the selected from you arborist to work with. Remember that you also take responsibility.