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Moscow school for tree care (logo)

Moscow school for tree care

During the last twenty years we have created in Russia, a modern branch for tree care, based on international experience. For the training and qualification of the professionals, we have created in Moscow the "ЗДОРОВЫЙ ЛЕС" school. There teach qualified specialists from different countries.  

European Arboricultural Council (EAC) (logo)

European Arboricultural Council (EAC)

Is a forum where delegates from various arboricultural organizations throughout Europe meet with the object of elevating the status and advancing
the profession by liaising on matters ranging from research and education to successful tree establishment and improvement of working practices.
This will lead to healthier and longer living trees in towns, parks, gardens, or where trees are grown to beautify Europe.
The European Arboricultural Council (EAC) is needed to put the necessary pressure on the appropriate governing institutions and individuals.

Nürnberge Schule (logo)

Nürnberge Schule

“Man can with the trees speak and share his soul, just like with his brothers”, wrote the german writer Erich Kästner. For about thirty years are trees our passion. Deep in our heart is the professional education. With knowledge concerning tree Biologie and control, we can care, protect better and use the trees for long terms. The bottom line ist that we need a healthy reserve of trees in urban areas, to care for and keep.